Matter Manifest

About Us

MatterManifest was born out of a belief that 3D printing harbors untapped potential, not just to foster creativity and innovation, but also to address pressing environmental and economic issues facing the world today. By empowering individuals to create goods locally, we aim to reduce overmanufacturing and foster economic opportunities. Today, there is a steep learning curve to using a 3D Printer, and when things go wrong, troubleshooting requires technical knowledge. So we set out to build 3 things that will be critical for making 3D printing more accessible for everyone:

Learn: Organized Knowledge

You will find tons of information and opinions about 3D Printing online, but without proper context, this knowledge becomes overwhelming and unrelated. Our collection of guides aim to be concise and essential to your purpose, whether that is Learning how to set up your 3D printer, Creating your first prints, and even turning creations into a profitable venture.

Troubleshooting 3D Printing problems

No more grappling with failed prints! Our continuously growing troubleshooting tool is at your service to help identify causes of print failures and offer solutions to get your projects back on track, saving you time and reducing waste.

Catalog Of Ready-to-Print 3D Files

To facilitate a seamless entry into 3D printing, we offer a catalog of ready-to-print 3D files pre-configured with optimal slicer settings, reducing the chances of failure for beginners. By setting you up for success from the start, we hope to encourage a new wave of eco-friendly creators, fostering a culture of sustainability and innovation.

Towards a Greener, More Prosperous Future

We envision a world where 3D printing is a household norm, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with shipping and manufacturing. Beyond environmental benefits, 3D printing can unlock unprecedented economic opportunities for individuals around the globe, lowering barriers to entry in the creation and distribution of physical products.